Choosing between investment land and a first house

The one question that my younger real estate clients constantly ask me is: “What should I buy first, a house or a piece of land?” The truth is that both options will pay off if done the right way.

If you choose to buy a home first, you can still cash on it by turning it into an investment property. Therefore you don’t have to wait until you own huge chunks of land to start benefiting from real estate. Renting out your first home is a shrewd way of leveraging your credit as well as your lifestyle.

On the other hand, buying vacant land with the intention of selling it when the value goes up is one of the most lucrative investments in the world. This is mainly due to its hands-off nature as well as its versatility.

One of the biggest misconceptions about land is that it is boring. Or that vacant land just lies idle and produces no income. The truth of the matter is that when you buy a good piece of land at the right place, you will avoid the numerous problems that are associated with other types of real estate.

Here are some benefits of investing in land:

(1)Peace of mind

With land you don’t have the hassle of having to deal with tenants, leaking roofs, broken furnaces, bursting pipes and all the other issues associated with owning a building.

(2)As a land investor you call your own shots

With so many great deals available on land, you don’t need to have tens of thousands of dollars to get started. This means that you don’t need to deal with banks and mortgage companies and play by their rules.

(3)Land is always available

Land is not just a highly valuable resource but it is also available in unlimited quantities. If you acquire land along the path of development, it becomes a finite asset that everyone is jostling to put their hands on.


One of the main drawbacks to investing in land is the travel time required. Travelling to look for land generally requires proper planning and sometimes long trips.

Horse Farms For Sale

Buying horse farms, especially your own horse is similar to buying a dog except that this pet can be very expensive. Quality horses aren’t cheap. If you’re in the farm for a horse, you might be checking out newspaper ads, equine forums on the Internet, your state’s agricultural bulletin, notices on tack and feed stores or livestock auctions – all in search of a good horse at a good price.

If you have had enough of the city life and want to move out to the country for a healthier lifestyle then you may wish to look at horse farms for sale. Breeding and raising horses on a horse farm is a very rewarding process and can yield viable returns. Most horse farms have their stable areas, a main house and quite often a smaller cottage for workers on the farm to live in. Many people live happy lives working and living on a horse farm.

Quite often you will find horse farms for sale on various auction sites, with locations of the farms all over the world. If you have a specific area in mind where you would like to find a farm to purchase it is a good idea to contact real estate companies in that area to see if anything is available. As horse farms will generally come with a large amount of land, many buildings, a stock of horses and various other animals the prices tend to be higher than that of a simple house. However as you are also buying into a business, banks are likely to offer loans to said business.

When purchasing a horse farm that comes with horses you need to ensure that they themselves are purebred. Even if there are only purebred mares on the farm, it is fine as the seed from purebred stallions can be purchased.

When looking at horse farms for sale you need to remember like buying any property that you need to have the house valuated and inspected to ensure you are not buying into a lemon

Horse Care-Tips on Proper Way to Care for a Horse

Having a horse drawn carriages, or just a horse on its own is one of the luxurious and rewarding lifestyle, but it comes with the responsibility and a duty of care. The horse life and health depend on the extent of commitment, love, and care. Proper horse care may be more expensive than purchasing the horse itself, but with good caring tips, it becomes more efficient. Let us discuss some of these tips.

1. Food and water

A horse requires a regular supply of both food and water. In most cases, pasture or hay alongside grain feeding are the best foods. It also needs to drink a lot of water throughout the day. Since the horse stomach is a bit small and the digestive system relatively delicate, it needs to graze the entire day.

2. Veterinary care

Each and every horse require veterinary care at least once in a year. It should be vaccinated against various diseases as well as tetanus. Dental care and checkup which comes with veterinary care are also critical to proper care. Avoid medical emergencies which may cost you more by having annual veterinary care.

3. Consistent exercises

The horse needs regular exercises besides riding it. Place it in a pasture or paddock where it can stroll and relax freely. Avoid keeping it in a shelter or stall the entire day unless the veterinary have recommended so. Remember, the pasture should have a robust and safe fence that has the capability of keeping the horse secure.

4. Protection against parasites

Horses are prone to intestinal worms found in the grazing areas. This worms and other parasites may cause diseases or death of your horse, and therefore you have to eliminate them. Use the anti-parasite regimen under the prescription of the equine practitioner or veterinary. Do this on a regular and timely basis to maintain the health of your horse.

5. Comfortable and safe shelter

A horse also needs a warm, safe and dry shelter at all times so as to protect her from wind, snow as well as rain. Shade is necessary during sunny and warm weather since it provides relief and comfort the horse. It also protects it from different biting insects. Ensure you remove the manure from the shelter daily.


While we do not like to admit it, us women can be rather complicated beings and we can often make it difficult for the men in our life to really know what we are thinking or what we really want. Well, when it comes to our loves and hobbies, it is pretty easy, and here we are going to make it even easier for those clueless men in the world.

Here, we are going to bring you a whole host of different hobbies that many women around the world love to be a part of, which should hopefully help to give you a better understanding of the woman in your life. If this fails, then you could always try this radical new idea … try talking to her, I’m sure she doesn’t bite … unless you want her to!