Horse Care-Tips on Proper Way to Care for a Horse

Having a horse drawn carriages, or just a horse on its own is one of the luxurious and rewarding lifestyle, but it comes with the responsibility and a duty of care. The horse life and health depend on the extent of commitment, love, and care. Proper horse care may be more expensive than purchasing the horse itself, but with good caring tips, it becomes more efficient. Let us discuss some of these tips.

1. Food and water

A horse requires a regular supply of both food and water. In most cases, pasture or hay alongside grain feeding are the best foods. It also needs to drink a lot of water throughout the day. Since the horse stomach is a bit small and the digestive system relatively delicate, it needs to graze the entire day.

2. Veterinary care

Each and every horse require veterinary care at least once in a year. It should be vaccinated against various diseases as well as tetanus. Dental care and checkup which comes with veterinary care are also critical to proper care. Avoid medical emergencies which may cost you more by having annual veterinary care.

3. Consistent exercises

The horse needs regular exercises besides riding it. Place it in a pasture or paddock where it can stroll and relax freely. Avoid keeping it in a shelter or stall the entire day unless the veterinary have recommended so. Remember, the pasture should have a robust and safe fence that has the capability of keeping the horse secure.

4. Protection against parasites

Horses are prone to intestinal worms found in the grazing areas. This worms and other parasites may cause diseases or death of your horse, and therefore you have to eliminate them. Use the anti-parasite regimen under the prescription of the equine practitioner or veterinary. Do this on a regular and timely basis to maintain the health of your horse.

5. Comfortable and safe shelter

A horse also needs a warm, safe and dry shelter at all times so as to protect her from wind, snow as well as rain. Shade is necessary during sunny and warm weather since it provides relief and comfort the horse. It also protects it from different biting insects. Ensure you remove the manure from the shelter daily.

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